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It is vital to have the important samples assessed by a recognized laboratory. Only a standard laboratory will be able to evaluate them and offer appropriate results. Mold Remediation Brooklyn work only with laboratories that possess proper accreditation. These laboratories produce both quantitative as well as qualitative report and our professionals are able to translate the necessary information into narrative report for the customers.

Important Facts about Mold

Mold organisms exist in our planet since the primitive period but in the recent times, emphasis is given on this type of organism by mankind due to different reasons. According to scientific research, mold is considered to be one of the most important factors that have contributed to health problems in human beings of diverse age groups. Starting from a toddler to senior citizen, anyone can suffer from mold related illness. The most common diseases that are caused due to mold growth include allergic reactions, sinus infection, and respiratory diseases and so on. Here are a few important facts about mold that you should be aware of.

Airborne spores are found everywhere, both inside the house or even in outdoor location. They form an integral part of natural environment. Many occupants suffer from acute illness if there is any kind of high concentration of mold growth inside the houses, as compared to outdoor location. If the ventilation system of a house is poor, the risk of spreading of disease amongst the residents increases to a great extent.

Aspergillus, Fusarium, Pencillium, Cladosporium, Alternaria, Stachybotrys and Chaetomium are the most harmful molds that are mostly grown inside the houses. Environment sampling as well as laboratory analysis is conducted in order to detect the existence of molds in different places.

Mold spores often cause chronic health issues even if they are dormant or even dead. These spores seem to be quite infectious and they cause acute allergic reactions. Often the odors that are associated with dormant or even dead mold spores cause acute illness to people.

It is not possible to remove mold spores entirely from indoor areas such as houses or other facilities. It is vital to remember that few levels of spores will be present in dust or in the air.

Without adequate amount of moisture the growth and reproduction of mold spores are not possible. By controlling moisture level inside the house or even preventing the development of mold spores in the organic materials of the houses, growth of mold can be prevented to a great extent. In case, the organic elements become wet, the chance of mold growth increases. In such a scenario, the development of mold grows within a short span of twenty four hours.

It is vital to remember that molds grow as well as reproduce by digesting as well as ingesting organic materials used in the building construction and different types of cellulose based substances such as dresses, carpet as well as upholstery etc. While growing, molds destroy different materials that are actually helping in their growth.

Initially, the molds grow in hidden areas such as inside the walls, inside the ceiling cavities, below the wallpapers, inside the carpets as well as panels. Moreover they are found inside the cooling as well as heating devices and in different areas such as basement, attic etc.

The development of mold often occurs due to construction defect or due to negligence of building maintenance. It often leads to accumulation of moisture in hidden area and is responsible for growth of this type of species like never before.

It is advisable that house owner should first repair water issues such as leakage of roof, plumbing leakage that allow these species to affect these surfaces thereby allowing the development of mold to a large extent. Effective mold remediation process include killing of these species with EPA approved fungicides, the remediation of mold infested materials as well as proper cleaning of affected region with EPA registered fungicidal coatings and soon.

Prevention of Mold

Want to get rid of mold fast and that too easily? Mold Remediation Brooklyn’s experienced professionals offer the following measures for preventing mold development:

Use preventive measures as well as repair the affected areas or structures in order to avoid moisture accumulation of the building.

Diverse systems that are responsible for removing moisture, snow as well as rain from your building should be maintained in good condition. Make sure that soil moisture that often gets infiltrated in the basements and in the first floor of the building are removed.

If the level of relative humidity insider the structure is high, then the use of dehumidification device is recommended.

Make sure that the water pipes for cold water must be insulated properly in order avoid condensation as well as dripping on the floors or on different surfaces of your house.

Diverse devices that often deflect air to exterior portion of your house must be maintained as well as moisture-proofed. Fans and vents are the common devices used for this purpose.
You must also keep integrity of windows, skylights and so on, intact.

Damp as well as wet carpets must be dried up effectively. Plus, they should be disinfected successfully. The wooden floors that are covered with carpets should be cleaned from time to time.

If you find out a huge leakage you should dehumidify as well as dry it quickly.

You should also follow all sorts of preventive measures in order to lessen moisture exposure as well as infiltration. In this way, you can prevent the chance of microbial growth at any point of time.

If you find any sort of mold growth then you should contact Mold Remediation Brooklyn without any delay. Early detection of mold growth and fast remediation will keep your house clean and beautiful for a long period of time.

What are the symptoms of mold growth?

If your family member is showing any sort of illness, then it can be due to growth of mold in your house. Routine supervision or inspection is crucial in order to maintain a healthy ambience for you and your family members. Even if you are not suffering due to allergic reaction, there may be other harmful medical conditions that you may be afflicted with due to mold infestation. For example, elderly people suffer due to low immune system and respiratory problems. Whether you come into physical contact with mold or just inhale the odor of toxic mold, you can suffer from health hazards at any point of time.


Mold Remediation Brooklyn is fully insured that also works at par with industrial standard practices.

We possess valuable insurances such as insurance of general liability, professional liability and so on.

We proudly claim that we are one amongst a handful of mold remediation as well as inspection companies that can conduct high level of insurance protection as well as indemnification.

Products offered by Mold Remediation Brooklyn

At Mold Remediation Brooklyn, the products that are used for abatement purposes seem to be reliable as well as effective in destroying molds as well as different types of harmful microorganisms. All these products damage as well as clean up the existing mold spores, thereby keeping the surfaces unsoiled and safe. In fact we have incorporated new products so that we can remain updated with the latest development as well as trends of the relevant industry. We use products approved by EPA in order to reduce the unintended environmental hazards. Keeping in mind the requirements of our customers, we offer fast, reliable services and that too at standard rates. Plus, we believe in maintaining excellent communication with the customers even after completion of the project and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Mold Facts

Information about Harmful Black Mold
According to EPA or NYC guidelines, all types of molds should be effectively treated since they are capable of producing toxic effects. However mold specie called Stachybotrys, commonly known as Black Mold, seems to have created maximum damage.

This type of mold has received utmost attention due to its close connection with different types of lung diseases in children as well as elderly people. Such specie is mostly found inside toilets, bathrooms, in the seams between floors or walls and so on.

Often people fail to detect the growth of this type of mold. If a house owner or a resident experiences allergic reaction or identifies black discoloration, then it is advisable that a proficient mold inspector should be recruited in order to conduct proper sampling to identify the appropriate nature of material. If the test indicates the presence of black mold, then you should take immediate action. For effective mold inspection by certified professional, you must contact Mold Remediation Brooklyn.

Why do you need to test mold?

You can find mold everywhere. Mold spore is responsible for creating multiple infectious or harmful allergies in human beings and wild animals. In fact, mold forms an integral part of our natural environment. Whether mold exposure is significant or not, it depends on a particular climate or situation. In case of outdoor environment, you can hardly control the growth of mold spores that seem to be airborne. Multiple options exist for indoor environment. If mold is grown in indoor location, there is a possibility that it can cause health problems to people. Respiratory infection, allergies and other diseases are caused due to this type of harmful creature. It is because infectious molds are mostly grown in indoor areas. Such molds are not grown in outdoor areas. Any sort of leakage or accumulation of moisture is conducive to mold growth and expansion.

Penicillium, Cladosporium as well as Aspergillus are the common types of molds that are responsible for causing several infection or other allergic reactions to people. Indoor areas such as wood, sheetrock are susceptible to development of this type of specie and that too within short span of time.

If a house owner smells, detects or even assumes that there is an unresolved leakage or any sort of moisture intrusion then it is recommended that you should hire a proficient person for mold inspection and conduct the necessary test. Don’t make a delay to get rid of mold. Contact Mold Remediation Brooklyn for effective mold inspection and removal services.

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