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Mold Remediation Brooklyn, is dedicated in serving commercial as well as residential customers and multiple government institutes in Brooklyn for the past several years and seem to have committed in developing healthy environment inside the house or any other facility.

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Clearance Testing

Post abatement approval is an exclusive procedure of conducting visual inspection…


Post abatement approval is an exclusive procedure of conducting visual inspection by following duplicates of the pre abating samples for the sake of comparison to find out if the work of mold remediation is successful. Clearance sampling seems to be an effective practice adopted in environmental industry handling hazardous materials and in different aspects of environmental sector. Although it is not a legal condition for mold removal industry, Mold Remediation Brooklyn strictly adheres to the rules and regulations outlined by the relevant authority. In this type of industry, it is ideal to take bio-aerosol product samples for the sake of comparison. For the same purpose, the rampant use of visual representation using infra-red images is done.

Water Damage

Irrespective of the cause, water damage often creates unpleasant situation inside a house.

Water Damage

Irrespective of the cause, water damage often creates unpleasant situation inside a house. If the affected area is not dried up properly or even it is left untreated, then that particular area serves as the hotbed for mold, harmful bacteria as well as other types of microbial contaminants. Even the overflow of sewage, because of biological components, has the huge potential to develop unhealthy ambience and developing uncomfortable living conditions.
Want a fast solution? At Mold Remediation Brooklyn, we have an experienced team who respond to the situation promptly. We use a wide array of disinfectants, drying devices, dehumidification devices in order to eliminate unpleasant effects that are caused due to damage of properties due to water leakage and so on.
We will be happy to help you in all possible ways. Starting from fast cleaning, restoring the affected area to keeping you updated about our work, we perform all the necessary tasks. We use cutting edge devices that are necessary to repair the materials that are affected due to water damage. All you have to do is to give us the scope to work for you and change the look and appearance of your house. We help you to make your dream home look stunning and beautiful like never before.

Fire Damage

Damage caused due to fire is considered to be a quite difficult situation to be handled.

Fire Damage

Damage caused due to fire is considered to be a quite difficult situation to be handled. The task of cleaning as well as restoring the area seems to be a herculean task. The damage of fire as well as debris created due to this type of damage produce harmful consequences in your life.
The impact of heat released during fire accident as well as deposition of chemical elements due to smoke develop critical situation that seems to be quite difficult to be effectively restored. In fact, this type of damage caused due to emission of fire calls for the involvement of an expert. At Mold Remediation Brooklyn, we evaluate the extent of damage, find out the things that are difficult to be restored and so on. We also know the use of relevant techniques in order to re-establish salvageable structures. We have the expertise to execute the tasks fast as well as employ the right restoration techniques.

Anti-Microbial Cleaning

Effective Anti-Microbial Treatment and Cleaning. Anti-microbial treatment…

Anti-Microbial Cleaning

Effective Anti-Microbial Treatment and Cleaning
Anti-microbial treatment as well as cleaning process involves the use of chemical as well as heat in order to damage as well as restrict the development of mold spores as well as harmful bacteria that are grown inside the building. This type of technique is used in order to clean carpet furniture, drapery as well as other structural equipment. The cleaning technique differs, depending on the location as well as the kind of material that is affected due microbial contaminants. Mold Remediation Brooklyn knows it well. Our professionals use the right tools and methodologies to make your house free from microbes for a long period of time.

Sewage Backup

There are many houses and properties that suffer a lot due to poor sewage system. Sewage backup…

Sewage Backup

There are many houses and properties that suffer a lot due to poor sewage system. Sewage backup often leads to poor lifestyle as well as other health hazards. Common illnesses occurred due to sewage backup include diarrhea, headache, nausea, skin infections and a few more. Fast treatment of the sewage backup is the call of the season. And at Mold Remediation Brooklyn, you can get the right kind of service.
We make use of cutting edge devices with the sole purpose of treating this type of sewage problem. The treatment or services that we provide include disinfecting, dehumidifying as well as removing sewage from the specific area. We have a team of experienced as well as certified professionals who have the capacity to clean sewage backups without much hassle.
Are you facing this type of problem? Don’t wait for long. Call us now and get rid of it as soon as possible. You can call us at any point of time and we are ready to address all your queries with patience. We will be thrilled to solve sewage issues as well as establish a long term relationship with you.

Our Products

At Mold Remediation Brooklyn, the products that are used for abatement purposes seem to be reliable…

Our Products

At Mold Remediation Brooklyn, the products that are used for abatement purposes seem to be reliable as well as effective in destroying molds as well as different types of harmful microorganisms. All these products damage as well as clean up the existing mold spores, thereby keeping the surfaces unsoiled and safe. In fact we have incorporated new products so that we can remain updated with the latest development as well as trends of the relevant industry. We use products approved by EPA in order to reduce the unintended environmental hazards. Keeping in mind the requirements of our customers, we offer fast, reliable services and that too at standard rates. Plus, we believe in maintaining excellent communication with the customers even after completion of the project and ensure complete customer satisfaction.
Mold Inspection

  • Indoor Air Quality

    IAQ is the specialized study of generic environmental field that includes design as well as installation of the HVAC system, scientific study of psychrometry, air inspection for detecting airborne elements such as mold, plant components, fiber and many more. And Mold Remediation Brooklyn proudly claims to be a leading organization that is dedicated in offering air sampling for plant fragments as well as molds. We follow the industrial standards and practices that you can easily rely upon in order to conduct effective quality testing of indoor air for detecting harmful air particles.
    Indoor Air Quality
  • Thermal Imaging

    Thermal Imaging is the most valuable innovation that has been introduced in Mold Remediation and IAQ industry in the recent times. Keeping pace with the changing time, Mold Remediation Brooklyn is expert in employing the updated technological innovations for remediation as well as inspection task. We know the use of state of the art Infra-Red camera for quality inspection as well as detecting the appropriate spots of water leakage or even identifying the sites of the mold development.
    The special cameras that are used for thermal imaging are the handheld equipment that are effectively designed in order to detect fine changes in the surface temperature that rightly indicates all sorts of environmental changes just behind the surfaces. These images usually are shown in diverse color scales, ranging from violet color to white one, thereby demonstrating increasing temperature. In fact, a proficient inspector can easily visualize what exactly is happening behind surface, in order to determine changes of environment, including microbial growth or any sort of air or water infiltration. It is just like taking X-Ray picture prior to surgical process.
    Before the invention of this type of new age camera, the bore holes were drilled in the suspected areas as well as high quality cameras using fiber optics had to be inserted in order to inspect the hidden spots. The process was considered to be time consuming and less effective. However the use of modern technology reduces the requirement of drilling the holes, thereby ensuring the whole process of mold inspection to be non-destructive. Even a lay man can use this type of modern technology.
    Effective interpretation of imaging results, however calls for some sort of expertise or experience on the part of an inspector. Generally, cool temperature signifies the possibility of huge amount of moisture or even massive air leaks, while warm temperature indicates the potential growth of mold or other microorganisms. An experienced inspector should be able to evaluate results as well as derive conclusion on nature of these pictures as well as other types of environment sampling such as bio- aerosol as well as surface sampling. Mold Remediation Brooklyn is one of the few companies who have used this kind of technology for the first time. In fact we have a good track record of employing the advanced technologies, the moment they are launched in the market. Our objective is to produce desirable results for our customers.
    Thermal Imaging

Air Duct Cleaning

  • Dryer Vent Cleanup

    Cleaning of ventilation system including air duct is necessary for maintaining clean and healthy environment inside the house. Other vital parts of ventilation system include grill cover, supply or return of air duct, heat exchanger, air diffuser, heating or cooling coils, fan motors and a few more.
    When poorly maintained all these components get contaminated with dust particles, pollen as well as other debris. Dust consists of mold, dust, bacteria as well as multiple microorganisms. If they are contaminated, these elements get mixed into the air whenever the ventilation system operates. As a result, you can suffer from sinus irritation, sneezing, allergic reactions and other chronic diseases due to contamination. Accumulation of dust on indoor surfaces is considered to be the first indication that the ventilation system of your house needs extensive cleaning.
    Want to clean air duct? Contact Mold Remediation Brooklyn for effective air duct cleaning. We will inspect the air ducts of your house or any of your facility as well as remove all sorts of contaminants that adhere to air ducts or other visible materials.
    Dryer Vent Cleanup

Mold Remediation

  • Decontamination

    It is the procedure of removing toxic materials from devices, structures as well as your environment. Whether it is performed by physical technique or any sort of chemical technique, this procedure is important aspect of remediation process.
    Especially in mold remediation sector, decontamination process involves chemical disinfection of the structures that are infected with mold. It also involves remediation of mold spores from air with the help of high quality filtration device. Plus, this procedure involves vacuum cleaning of different surfaces with the help of HEPA vacuum cleaners.
    Although not a legal obligation, for mold removal process, Mold Remediation Brooklyn follows strict guidelines of the industry as being outlined by mold abatement guidelines depicted by NYC/EPA. The company employs cutting edge technology as well as employs it effectively. Our objective is to ensure decontamination procedure for complete mold remediation as well as post-abatement cleaning.
Apex Bio-Hazard

  • Blood Cleanup

    The cleaning or disinfection of blood may compel the professionals or even the residents of a house to get exposed to microorganisms that use blood as vector in spreading the infection. If the affected area is not cleaned properly or even dried up after the occurrence of accidents, then it would create hazardous situation for the people. Our professionals have developed the expertise to tackle this type of situation correctly as well as employ proper methods of sterilization while addressing blood or other prospective infected materials. We employ proper precautions and maintain proper rules and regulations while dealing with this type of blood cleaning service effectively.
    Blood Cleanup
  • Unattended Death

    The worst biological hazardous scenario is the decomposition of materials in the scene where unattended death has occurred. In this type of situation, the unattended dead body is usually discovered after several days or even after several weeks. In the meantime, the decomposed materials already have infiltrated in the surrounding areas. The common materials include fatty acids as well as other chemical ingredients are produced due to cellular decomposition. All these materials often act as substrate that helps in secondary bacteriological development.
    The bad odors generated from decomposed body often attract insects, rats and other pests. Often it is the foul smell that draws neighbors’ attention. It indicates that something wrong has happened. Indentifying this type of situation seems to be devastating especially to someone who has not yet initiated to this kind of situation. Moreover, the materials that are released often lead to infection and other harmful diseases.
    At Mold Remediation Brooklyn, we know how to handle such thing. Our team is well equipped to handle such scenario as well as remediate such things without any sort of delay. We employ updated disinfecting protocols, protective devices, and latest techniques to sanitize as well as clean the infected materials as well as the affected environment. Our goal is to restore the original condition of the area by all possible means.
    Unattended Death
  • Odor Removal

    All the events involving tissues, blood, human tissues may produce foul odors if decomposition proceeds to a great extent. Depending on quantity of different materials, the odors produced by decomposed materials seem to be quite awful as well as produce multiple exposure issues. The decomposed materials as well as the accompanying odor may be infiltrated inside the fabrics as well as porous materials. If this kind of infiltration cannot be prevented, then steps need to be taken in order to remove these toxic materials. Mold Remediation Brooklyn offers high quality odor removal solutions at affordable rates.
    Odor Removal
  • Bio-Hazard Remediation

    Any element that seems to be infected by living or even dead microorganism is often known as biological hazard. It is wrong to think that harmful materials require physical touch for the disease to get transmitted to a person. Even breathing or even inhaling can be considered to be probable source of exposure of multiple microorganisms. It is also the basic route of exposure for dangerous chemical products that these microorganisms generate from time to time.
    As the term suggests, biological hazard remediation is the process performed by professionals to assess as well as clean the hazardous elements. It is vital that these professionals use state of the art devices in order to conduct the task successfully. At Mold Remediation Brooklyn, we have employed certified and experienced professionals who can conduct this type of task as per the guidelines and regulations offered by the recognized authorities.
    Bio-Hazard Remediation
  • Crime Scene Cleanup

    Be it homicide, accident or even any other criminal accident, this type of event requires the involvement of services of professionals who have the expertise in remediating the hazardous materials, toxic substances and foul odor that are produced due to the occurrence of these criminal activities. Disinfecting the venue is crucial. Indeed, prompt removal of toxic wastes and cleaning reduce the risk of spread of infection to a great extent. For example, shotgun injuries seem to be worst since these types of events involve spreading of pellets when they hit human bodies as well as disperse different types of biological wastes as quickly as possible. At Mold Remediation Brooklyn, we are able to handle this type of critical situation and prevent the spread of infection and other hazards.
    Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Vehicle Cleanup

    Car accidents often lead to release of harmful fluids and blood in the inner areas of the vehicle and often cause biological hazards. Normal cleaning of vehicles is not sufficient to remove microorganisms that often seep inside the upholstery or inside the vinyl materials.
    Mold Remediation Brooklyn’s cleaning professionals use the relevant and updated disinfecting devices or techniques in order to detect as well as sanitize the affected spots. It is vital to remember that these harmful fluids spread infection for several weeks even after their release. We use EPA approved materials in order to disinfect the materials and save the environment.
    Vehicle Cleanup
  • Hoard Cleanup

    In medical terms, hoarding is defined as the difficulty in discarding or even parting the possessions, irrespective of actual value. This type of behavior of a person has harmful effects on the hoarder as well as their family members. Effects may be on emotional, social, economic as well as social levels.
    The huge quantities of items that the hoarders have collected actually isolate them from their family members and friends. Magazines, plastic boxes, newspapers, food, clothes and other household products are the most common things that are hoarded by the people.
    Mold Remediation Brooklyn is equipped with the relevant technologies that are necessary for ensuring safety of the environment. In fact, our team is well trained to handle these situations as well as address them with sensitivity and with utmost professionalism.
    Hoard Cleanup

Cleaning Services

  • Carpet Cleaning

    It is a common occurrence that carpet of your house may become dirty with rampant use and after a certain period of time. Dirty carpet seems to be the key source of air contaminators of the house as well as allergic reaction of the family members. Regular cleaning of dirty carpets allows you to keep the carpet new and stylish while reducing sources of contaminants as well as allergies by all possible means.
    The popular carpet manufacturers often recommend the use of deep steaming technique that make use of anti-microbial disinfectants for cleaning as well as disinfecting the carpets all at once. This type of cleaning method is used for extracting soil debris from the bottom of the carpet and seems to be quite useful in removing all sorts of biological contaminants from the carpet.
    Mold Remediation Brooklyn’s cleaning professionals employ cutting edge cleaning devices and use environment-friendly detergents or chemical elements. We use safe, high quality products for cleaning carpet and ensuring a clean environment for the customers. We conduct the cleaning task at the scheduled time and offer complete customer satisfaction.
    Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning

    You cannot employ the similar methods for cleaning furniture as well material. Upholstery cleaning too calls for involvement of unique cleaning technique. At Mold Remediation Brooklyn, we used modern equipment and adopt advanced methods for cleaning your upholstery. Our experienced professionals will examine the fabric material before cleaning in order to learn the right way for cleaning the upholstery. We evaluate dye stability, fabric construction and other relevant things for using the right technique for cleaning the upholstery. Starting from stream extraction to dry cleaning, we determine the right method accordingly. For cleaning upholstery, we offer proper training to our employees for cleaning all types of upholstered items.
    Upholstery Cleaning
  • Drapery Cleaning

    Window drapery, shades and other window treatments can be made from wood, fabric, vinyl or other materials. At Mold Remediation Brooklyn, we have hired trained cleaners who are expert in drapery cleaning. We arrive at your house at the scheduled time and remove the draperies, balloon shades and other items carefully. They again wrap the items to bring them to our office premise for better cleaning. Our cleaning services include removing soil, dust, odor or other materials from fabric. Our responsibility does end with proper cleaning. Once you clean the drapes, we also hang these items at the original location.
    Drapery Cleaning
  • Area Rugs Cleaning

    High quality oriental rugs seem to be the one of the precious items that may be passed from one generation to the next. These items are quite sensitive to dust and dirt. Unlike standard carpeting, this type of rug demands extra attention. And the cleaners of Mold Remediation Brooklyn know it quite well.
    We have employed gentle as well as safe techniques in order remove dust from this fine quality of rug. The cleaning technology that we have adopted is effective and suitable for cleaning as well as protecting these delicate items.
    We have started with proper inspection of dirty rugs to be followed by effective cleaning methods. Depending on particular fiber or dye of rugs that need to be cleaned, we choose the safest as well as proper cleaning techniques.
    Area Rugs Cleaning
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